My Bros GF Videos

my bros gf videos

What does it mean to have a musician as your brother? Well, for our guy here, it meant quite a bit of unpleasant shit he had to go through! Watch the guy and his girlfriend come to the brother’s place. He asks our dude whether he brought back the CD he had borrowed. Rushing back to their place for the damn CD, the guy has no idea the brother bullshits his girlfriend about teaching her to play the guitar, fucking her silly only minutes afterwards. Well, our man had to return at some point, and scandalous hell broke loose right away.

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my bros gf pictures

If you ever go shopping with your brother and girlfriend, well, just don’t. This guy here had just the worst of luck that day. First, he apparently had no wallet on himself. When he went home to get it, his girlfriend was already willing to get a shirt, which the brother agreed to pay for. What bastard! The brother then took the girl to his place where they waited for our dude who had no idea his girlfriend would be trying the shirt on, getting sexy and well, welcoming the brother to bone her like crazy. The end of all this? Well, you wouldn’t probably want to be there.

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Watch out for those geeks, you never know what’s cooking with these nerdy fuckers. Our man here wanted to get his laptop fixed. He took his girlfriend and they went to his bro’s place. But crap, the guy left the Flash disk with the backups at home. He had to go fetch it, and then, well, get a load of this. The brother started showing the highlights of his porn collection to the girl and they ended up screwing like damn rabbits. What a disgrace! They were right in the middle then the guy came back and went apeshit. But it was too late!

My Bros GF Tube

my bros gf tube

Just how surprising can a casual street encounter be? Our dude here saw his girlfriend enjoying a walk with another guy. Holy fucking crap, it’s not just a guy, it’s his brother! Shocked and humiliated, he watches them make out and go to his brother’s place. The guy waits for them to start doing the naughty to provide him with evidence, and rings the doorbell. The ringing goes like electricity through his body as his very own girlfriend opens the door wearing nothing but a towel! Of course he lost it immediately, giving them all the shit they deserved.

My Cheating Girlfriend

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The guy and his girlfriend were about to go on vacation. Too bad they didn’t have anybody to take care of their pet while they were to be away. The girl though her guy’s brother might help out. Well, he was willing to, on condition that she lets him do her tight yummy twat! With little options, she let him pound away at her promiscuous pussy. It didn’t go down very smoothly, her boyfriend stormed in, everything was so obvious and outrageous that he could not keep himself from making a scene!