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My Cheating Girlfriend

My Bros GF Videos

What does it mean to have a musician as your brother? Well, for our guy here, it meant quite a bit of unpleasant shit he had to go through! Watch the guy and his girlfriend come to the brother’s place.… continue reading »

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If you ever go shopping with your brother and girlfriend, well, just don’t. This guy here had just the worst of luck that day. First, he apparently had no wallet on himself. When he went home to get it, his… continue reading »

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Watch out for those geeks, you never know what’s cooking with these nerdy fuckers. Our man here wanted to get his laptop fixed. He took his girlfriend and they went to his bro’s place. But crap, the guy left the… continue reading »

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Just how surprising can a casual street encounter be? Our dude here saw his girlfriend enjoying a walk with another guy. Holy fucking crap, it’s not just a guy, it’s his brother! Shocked and humiliated, he watches them make out… continue reading »

My Cheating Girlfriend

The guy and his girlfriend were about to go on vacation. Too bad they didn’t have anybody to take care of their pet while they were to be away. The girl though her guy’s brother might help out. Well, he… continue reading »